Friday, July 21, 2006

The Shadow Mission

Good friend and fellow blogger, Gordon ( - my html buttons aren't working) posted earlier this week about the "shadow mission", that which keeps you from fulfilling your God-given mission. Interesting thought... What is your shadow mission? What is your God-given mission?

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  1. Flossy.Tan4:13 AM

    "Shadow mission" is the vehicle by which we do our real mission, that is, to bring others to God or nearer to God. As an admissions director at an international Christian school, we enroll students of all religions. The inevitable class is "do you enroll non-Christian?" To which I say, "of course". During the school year, teachers, staff live their Christian life before these students. Every year we have a harvest - this year 23 decisions for God. Our "shadow mission" may change but our real mission never.