Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don't judge a book by its title?

Okay I need to do one last post. Late last week I finished Isaac Asimov's I, Robot. Very interesting read. There is a sermon in their somewhere. Also, I am still reading about the Orthodox church as well as spiritual disciplines. But I was in a bookstore today and I picked up Brian McLaren's new work. I haven't started it yet, but the title makes me a little uncomfortable - The Secret Message of Jesus. I am trying to reserve judgment until I have read it. The reason the title makes me uncomfortable is becuase it sounds a little gnostic - that there is some secret "Jesus knowledge"; if we just could possess it then we could have enlightenment. It seems that Scripture is pretty clear (particularly the gospel of John) that God isn't trying to keep us in the dark or hide from us, except for those few who have the secret decoder ring. So I hope that my assumptions about the message of the book are wrong. Once I have read the book, I will put in my two cents. Okay, now I've gotta pack before I leave to spend some quality time with the monks. No more posts until Friday! Peace.


  1. Enjoy your blog!
    Will visit again soon

    Mojo - Northern Ireland

  2. Did you see the movie "I, Robot" based on the book? I wonder if the movie follows the storyline of the book closely. Obviously I haven't read the book.
    Hopefully the Brian McLaren book title refers to the fact that the true message of Jesus, that He (God/Jesus) loves us and has forgiven us and desires a relationship with us, often gets lost within everything else our culture tells us about Jesus and how Christianity is often views in popular culture.
    Why am I up at 4am?