Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Amnesia No More...

Earlier I posted about my spiritual forgetfulness. In that post, I challenged others and myself to remember. So I made a list of things I wish to make "ebenezers", or spiritual markers in my life. I hope over the next several weeks to be able to post a brief reflection on each. Here they are in chronological order:
  • my baptism (Age 5)
  • my parents divorce (Age 6)
  • my conversion (Age 14)
  • call to work in youth ministry (Age 22)
  • awareness of call to ordained ministry (Age 25)
  • appointment to Rectortown Church (Age 32)
  • a second repentance (Age 32)
  • a call to remember (Age 32)
I hope to give better titles to each section, but each of the points above will be the center of my reflections. If like me you suffer from spiritual amnesia, I invite you to join me on this journey of remembering. Although some journeys must be traveled alone, most are more fun with fellow travelers.

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