Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer Reading 2: The War of Art

I often feel as though, due to my own laziness or apathy, I am not being doing as much as I could to live into my calling. From time to time I need a swift kick in the! So I immediately connected with some of the ideas in Steven Pressfield's book, The War of Art.

This book is an extremely quick read. Pressfield's thoughts are certainly applicable to all who draw breath or whose hearts pump blood through their bodies. He writes about resistance - that which seems to overpower us and keep us from fulfilling our life's calling. He describes how to recognize the voice of resistance, some ways to combat resistance, and then what living is like beyond resistance.

So if you need a good swift kick in the, this book is a good, quick read that may inspire you to combat the resistance that interferes with your life's calling.

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