Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random thoughts from others...

Scot McKnight has an interesting post about Pietism and emerging church here.

Jay Voorhees shares some questions (positively) about itinerancy and denominations that resonate with some of what I have been thinking.

I think John Wesley would fit very well with the emerging church/culture conversation and movement. He brought revitalization into the Church of England (and ultimately a new denomination) with his emphasis on acts of piety (worship, personal holiness) and acts of mercy (serving and loving others, social holiness). These marriage of these two acts of mercy and piety seems to be making a comeback in the emerging church conversation.

And maybe this new conversation/movement - whatever you want to call it - will renew the UM denomination. However, at times "it's easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead" and maybe God is birthing a new movement. However, "in order for there to be resurrection, there must be death" so maybe the UM church (and mainline denominationalism) has do "die" in order to be resurrected. Or maybe I have had too much coffee this morning a need to get back Bible study preparation.

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