Monday, May 14, 2007

Rob Bell's latest book...

I just finished reading Rob Bell's latest book, Sex God. It was interesting and a different way of looking at sexuality, humanity, and God. I appreciate his hopeful theology, use of story, and historical perspective to illuminate concepts and ideas.

His perspective is usually something refreshing, one I have typically not heard before. For instance, he describes some of the rituals of a Jewish wedding and their significance to our connectedness with God, human relationships, and sexuality. Pretty cool stuff.

That spoke to me because I have been feeling somewhat disconnected lately - to God and to others...not so much with creation - we bond over grass-cutting on a weekly basis. I'll post more specifically on this later, but the first couple of chapters spoke to me giving me perspective, concepts, and language to on which to reflect.

Not to mention its a pretty quick read and (this only makes sense if you have ever listened to one of his sermons, which you can do here) it reads like he preaches. Some of the material comes from his sermons over the past year or two, but still good stuff. All in all, I recommend this book.

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