Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dog-Walking Musing...

This evening as I was walking the dog I saw different scenes that were an interesting contrast related to community.

First, there was a group of older men hanging out around a pick-up truck at the 7-Eleven shooting the breeze. I didn't catch exactly what they were talking about, but it seemed they were enjoying being together talking. Then as the dog and I walked from the 7-Eleven that last several blocks to our house I could see the glow of a television in at least 4 different homes.

The first scene brought the word "community" into mind. The second sight brought the word "isolation." I wonder if we have not somehow lost the art of gathering in groups to spend time telling stories, catching up on the latest local news, and just being together.

I am sure there are a whole host of reasons why we come home from work/play/etc and sit in front of the television, but when we spend time connected to our cable or satellite link are we somehow disconnected from our neighbors?

(Note: The irony is not lost on me that someone could be walking their dog right now see my sitting at my computer and wonder about the disconnection from neighbors when connected to the internet.)

(Post-Note: I had to be careful with the title. I almost had our dog walking a musing...I love grammar!)

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