Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rule of Life

I just finished The Sacred Way by Tony Jones. It was a wonderful book with concise chapters on spiritual disciplines. Something I am finding is the need to be intentional about following Jesus. Its easy for me to talk the lingo and put on a nice "Christian" outside for people to see. Yet, following Jesus is about so much more! I want my inside and outside to match! Congruence is the fancy techincal term for this. I want my heart and my actions to be congruent.

All this to say, that my heart needs a little...ok, a lot of...intentional work! Spiritual disciplines seem to be ways that God and I can use to work on my heart so that it becomes a kingdom heart - a heart out of which a desire for the kingdom of God flows.

So Jones's book was helpful in that it gave practical information about ancient traditions that followers of Jesus have practiced for centuries. Now I am in the process of working to develop a rule of life to guide this work.

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