Wednesday, September 13, 2006

striking out...

As a pastor I realize that it is important to be able to handle rejection and not take on too much blame when people say, "no" or stop coming to church. Just because they say no or stop coming, it doesn't necessarily mean they are rejecting me. I intellectually understand this. But don't always emotionally get it...STRIKE ONE.

That's the people pleaser in me (which is characteristic of many pastors) which again I intellectual acknowledge and realize, but emotionally haven't yet adjusted for...STRIKE TWO

And finally as a pastor who has dabbled in psychology and pastoral care classes, I realize that "rejection" that I sometimes emotionally respond to is really just me projecting what I "think" people are "thinking." Again, I intellectually realize that I tend to do that yet I still catch myself doing it...STRIKE THREE

There are about eight inches that physically separate the brain from the heart...those are the longest eight inches.

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