Thursday, March 22, 2007

Humbling Church Moment #657

Serving in a church with lots of small children keeps one always looking for good childcare workers. I recently came across a potential worker and arranged for her to come and work on Wednesday nights, during our Bible study. Last night was the first Wednesday she was working with us. This particular evening I happened to be carpooling with some folks from the congregation, and as we pulled into the church parking lot, a lone black SUV with the license plates "DVL SPWN" sat there waiting for us.

The folks I was riding with had concerned looks on their faces and asked, "Who's car is that?" To which I had to meekly reply, "I think that is our new childcare worker."

I may have lost some points there...

The worker said that it was a license plate she got in high school to irritate her mother several years ago. I don't know if it worked then, but I fear it's going to irritate some folks at church.

The moral of the story: in addition to background checks on childcare workers, run license plate checks too.

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