Friday, March 02, 2007

Recommended Reading...

1. Simply Christian, by NT Wright
I really enjoyed Wright's style and thoughtful presentation of Christianity. Some would call this the "Mere Christianity" of our time. I enjoyed how Wright started with a foundation of three different world views and followed those through the various topics - helping the reader to see that what some may consider Christian is really not, and vice versa. Regardless of where one is on the journey, I believe this book is a good companion to have with you!

2. The Gospel According to Starbuck's, by Leonard Sweet
I drank (pardon the pun) this book up! Sweet does a great job of analyzing a cultural icon and the things they do well and then suggesting generally how the church or Christians might consider applying those principles as followers of Jesus. His E.P.I.C. (Experience, Participation, Image-driven, Connections) approach is helpful and worth the price of the book itself. While reading this though, I must admit I had to wonder if this book was somehow partially funded by the coffee industry.

3. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
I just finished this one this morning! Gladwell's use and explanation of some current trends is very interesting. While one could argue with the conclusions he draws regarding those trends/epidemics, he does a good job stating his case for what sends some trends/epidemics past the tipping point. I am still absorbing in the ideas and trying to figure out how these apply to my local church context.

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