Thursday, April 19, 2007


The events this past week at Virginia Tech have bothered me more than other campus shootings. All such shootings are horrific, but seeing the pictures of familiar buildings and paths I once walked as a place where such senseless violence was unleashed into the world makes me sad.

More than once I have been watching the images on TV and found tears welling up and a lump in my throat. It breaks my heart.

However, I believe God enters the broken places to point to a new reality. Jesus entered broken creation to point to a new reality - the kingdom of God - and then help us to get there, even here on earth, through his death and resurrection. We the church, the embodiment of Christ here on earth, enter into broken and dark places to be Jesus to those who suffer and need healing. Just as Jesus is the light that darkness can not overcome. So we are to share that same light in to dark places.

So in the face of such horrific events, may we be the light to those in darkness just as Jesus has been and is the light to our darkness.

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