Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Jesus is risen. Easter is celebrated. Now Jill and I are on vacation!

We are staying at a sweet place this week. I don't want to divulge our source other than to say - I know a guy...

Jill loves the beach. In fact she takes off for a week each summer with a group of rowdy women (her mom, her mom's friend and Jill's childhood friend) to come to the beach. I live the whole week in fear that I will have to post bail for them for being too rowdy!

But I digress...the weather is a little chilly, but that works for me because it means we don't have to spend countless hours baking in the sun. (Not my favorite thing to do.) We hope to do a lot of reading, eating, running, sleeping, watching movies...we'll need a vacation to rest from our vacation!

We both have a few "work" things to do. She has to do report cards (I wonder if she'll be more generous with grades since we are away from home at a beautiful beach). I need to get my butt in gear working on a series on healing - something about which I feel I have a lot to learn and process.

I will post more later - for now I must go...vacate...vacation...whatever the correct verb form is, I have to go do that.

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