Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cool New Gadget...

My wife and I joined the Black Friday madness this year by making a purchase at the Apple on-line store. We bought an Eye-fi Share card. This is a 2GB SD card for your digital camera that is WI-FI enabled. In other words it transfers the pictures from the camera over your home network. Moreover, it allows you to upload them to a web-based service like MobileMe, Picasa, or Flickr.

To the left is my first wirelessly downloaded photo (downloaded to both the web and my computer.)

Pros: No more cords to move pics from the camera into iphoto. Easy to set up and use.
Cons: Can't put pics onto more than one computer with out changing the settings everytime, kind of a hassle if you want to put the pics on more than one computer. (Of course the work-around is to upload them to a web-based service and pull the pics you want onto your computer.)
Overall: It was worth the discounted price to try it out and I think Jill will enjoy being able to wirelessly download photos into her library.

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