Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday Evening Update (on Monday evening)

The Weekend:  Sunday we hosted over 60 people at an open house at the parsonage after church, so much of the weekend was spent getting ready.  Though, Saturday morning as we  were running errands we stopped for breakfast at IHOP...mmm.....pancakes.  Last night Henry came down with his first cold.

To-do This Week:  Write a sermon for Sunday, finish Christmas shopping, try and do some end of year reflection...

Procrastinating:  Working on the leadership training day...

Book I'm in the Midst of:  Just finished Body Piercing Saved My Life.  Very interesting.  I really appreciate Beaujon's very fair, and at times generous, approach to the Christian music industry, particularly as a self-identified atheist.   Next up:  UnChristian, by Dave Kinneman and Gabe Lyons - trying to understand a bit about culture and how (according to Barna Group's data) Christians are perceived in American culture. 

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week:  while vacuuming to get ready for the open house I delved into some the albums from my college and high school days....ahhh...memories from:  REM, Genesis, and Rush.

How I am feeling about this week:  A bit stressed about our Christmas Eve service.

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